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Multi-diamond, multi-platinum, and multi-gold record-winner European mega rockstar musician, composer, and orchestrator, Alfonz "Talfi" Barta’s and professional event planner, organizer, manager, Sophie Barta’s company, Talfi Music Production, LLC, offers state of the art sound and music equipment for any event or venue, up to 5,000 people. The company has accommodated the needs of various types of professional occasions:

  • Weddins

  • Corporate Events

  • Festivals

  • Trade Shows

  • Exhibitions

  • Premieres

  • Concerts

  • Conventions

  • Sport Events

Available sounds system consists of:

8 pcs. Yamaha S115V Club V PA Speaker (8 x 500W)
4 pcs. JBL MRX518S PA Subwoofer (4 x 1000W)
8 pcs. Yamaha MSR250 PA Speaker (4 X 300W)
1 pc. DELL computer with myDMX software
Keyboard - 1 pc. KORG Pa1x
Keyboard - 1 pc. Yamaha Stage Piano CP33
5 pcs. PEAWAY Power Amplifier (5 x 3000W)
6 pcs. Microphone Stands
8 pcs. Shure SM58 Microphone
1 pcs. Shure PGX24 UHF Handheld Wireless Microphone System SM58
7 pcs. CAD Touring 7 Premium Drum Microphone Package
3 pcs. MS7920B Amp and Bass Drum Short Microphone Stands
1 pcs. CBI MC 24x4 Performer Audio Snake -
100 Foot
1 pcs. CBI MC 16x4 Performer Audio Snake -
100 Foot
1 pcs. Yamaha MG2414FX 14 Bus Mixer
1 pcs. Yamaha MG166CX 4 Bus Mixer

Available lighting system consists of:

1 Chauvet LED Followspot 75
2 pcs. American DJ Aggressor Tri LED Lighting Effect
2 pcs. American DJ Dekker LED Lighting Effect
8 pcs. American DJ P56 LED Plus RGB DMX Par Can (448 led)
8 pcs. American DJ P64 LED Plus RGB DMX Par Can (512 led)
4 pcs. American DJ Galaxian Multi-Beam Lightning Laser Effect
4 pcs. American DJ Punch LED Pro Lighting Effect (1080 led)
4 pcs. Chauvet LED Techno Strobe White (448 led)
2 pcs. American DJ Quad Phase LED Lighting Effect

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