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Current Sarasota, Florida resident, multi-diamond, multi-platinum, and multi-gold record-winner European mega rockstar, Alfonz "Talfi" Barta, offers high-quality services as a musician, composer, and orchestrator.

Alfonz "Talfi" Barta experiences include:

Founder and keyboard player of Edda Muvek, one of the most famous and top-selling Hungarian bands
Composing music, orchestrating recordings, and writing lyrics for 3 European multi-diamond, multi-platinum, and multi-gold record-winning albums
Collaborating on 8 international records
Publishing 2 Swiss solo albums
Performing at 2,500 concerts worldwide (USA, Germany, Switzerland, Russia, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, and Hungary)
Superior knowledge of piano, keyboard, bass guitar, and drums
Fluent in three languages: English, German, and Hungarian
Years of practice as a music teacher

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